Renew Books


Renew Books that I have Checked Out

  1. MU books may be renewed online up to two times for MU undergrads and five times for MU staff and graduate students. MU Faculty have unlimited renewals. You will have to bring the book to the library after the second renewal at which time the staff will check in the book and check it out to you provided no one else has placed a hold on the book.
  2. UMKC, MST, and UMSL: Books may be renewed online up to two times. The books will need to be sent back to the lending library and re-requested if you still need them.
  3. MOBIUS Libraries: Books may be renewed three times online only.

NOTE: Bound journals may not be renewed

Overdue/billed books

  • “OVERDUE” books may be renewed online
  • “BILLED” books must be brought back to the Ellis Library Circulation Desk or any branch library
  • Once a MOBIUS book has reached “BILLED” status, it will be sent back to the lending library.  It cannot be checked in and then out again.
    NOTE: Billed MOBIUS books will incur a ** $20  ** non-refundable processing fee.

To renew books online

  • Select MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT in MERLIN Catalog (on the right side).
  • Enter Pawprint and password. Pawprint not working?
  • Do not “RENEW ALL” unless all of the items are either overdue or soon to be overdue.
    • If you “RENEW ALL” all of the books you have checked out will be due on the same day.


  • If the due date on the books you are renewing does not change, there may be a number of reasons.
  • Ask a staff member at Ellis Circulation or a branch library to tell you why the item will not renew.

Some items may not be eligible for renewal

  • Items with holds for other borrowers
  • Items from other MERLIN Libraries with two renewals (either online or in-person).
  • Books may not be renewed by telephone.


Please contact the Ellis Library at (573) 882-9158 (8am – 5pm) or send an email to Burt Fields if you have questions.