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An Account of the voyages undertaken by the order of His present Majesty for making discoveries in the Southern hemisphere...
Published: London: Printed for W. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1773.
Description: All three volumes of an important early account of the voyages of discovery of Captain James Cook and other British explorers. The book includes maps of the areas explored and engravings of indigenous peoples. John Hawkesworth, the editor, added much material of his own and was severely criticized for the book's inaccuracies -- the bad reviews are said to have contributed to his death!
Condition/Repair: The first volume is in a buckram library binding and has damage to the fold-out plates; the second volume has chipping to the spine; the third volume has tape damage to the spine. The conservator will re-case the first volume and make kozo repairs to the damaged plates; touch up the chipping to the spine of the second volume; and remove the tape from the third volume.
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