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Liber chronicarum.
Published: [Nuremberg] : Hunc librum dominus Anthonius Koberger Nuremberge impressit ... consummatu[m] autem duodecima mensis Iulij anno salutis n[ost]r[a]e 1493 [12 July 1493]
Description: This is a rare chance to adopt a landmark work in the history of books and printing. The Nuremberg Chronicle is part of the library's collection of incunables, or books printed in the infancy of printing, prior to 1501. This particular book is a history of the world and was one of the most illustrated and ambitious printing projects of its time. Our copy was trimmed and rebound in the nineteenth century, and the endpapers are not original.
Condition/Repair: The front free endpaper is detached and the front cover is beginning to come away from the rest of the book. The front free endpaper will be reattached and the front hinge will be reinforced. Preventative repairs will be made to the text block.
Donation Needed: $150.00