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Marsilii Ficini Florentini, insignis philosophi Platonici, medici, atque theologi clarissimi, Opera, et quæ hactenus extitêre, & quæ in lucem nunc primum prodiêre omnia.
Published: Parisiis : Apud Dionysium Bechet, 1641.
Description: This is a lavish 17th-century edition, in two volumes, of the complete works of the famous Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499). Ficino revived Neoplatonism and founded an Academy in Florence, in the tradition of Plato's great school of the same name in ancient Athens. We frequently use these books in Special Collections when teaching classes on the Italian Renaissance.
Condition/Repair: The spine on both volumes has disintegrated and both covers on each volume are detached, as are the front endpapers. Both volumes will be resewn, preserving the original covers; both volumes will be rebacked, preserving the binder's title for the first volume.
Donation Needed: $900.00