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Observations and reflections made in the course of a journey through France, Italy, and Germany
Published: Dublin : Printed for H. Chamberlaine, 1789.
Description: Hester Lynch Piozzi was known for her close friendship with Samuel Johnson, who referred to her in his writings as Mrs. Thrale (she was married to Henry Thrale at the time). Through Johnson, Piozzi was acquainted with many of the leading writers and thinkers of late eighteenth-century Britain, and she contributed to several of Johnson's works. A few years after Henry Thrale's death, Piozzi married Gabriel Mario Piozzi, an Italian music teacher. The marriage alienated Johnson and Piozzi's children, who saw it as an impropriety. Even so, Piozzi's second marriage began a period of sustained creativity, and she became a well-known writer in her own right. This book is frequently used by classes studying women writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Condition/Repair: This book has split cleanly down the spine. The conservator will make a kozo repair down the split and reattach the loose section.
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