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Fifty comedies and tragedies
Published: London : Printed by J. Macock, for John Martyn, Henry Herringman, Richard Marriot, 1679.
Description: Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher were two of the most highly regarded playwrights in seventeenth-century England, eclipsing the reputation of Shakespeare during their lifetime. Beaumont and Fletcher were part of the group of poets and playwrights who gathered at the Mermaid Tavern, including Jonson, Drayton, Marlowe, Shakespeare, and others. Fletcher is also believed to have collaborated with Shakespeare on The Two Noble Kinsmen and Henry VIII. The Special Collections department has exhibited this volume in the past. It has also recently been used for undergraduate classes in English and theater.
Condition/Repair: Although the text block is in good shape, the binding is in poor condition. The conservator will reattach the front cover and the engraved frontispiece with kozo, a type of Japanese tissue.
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