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Apokalypsis anastaseos: The resurrection revealed, or, The dawning of the Day-Star, about to arise ...
Published: London: Printed by Robert Ibbitson, and are to be sold by Thomas Pierrepont, 1653
Description: Nathaniel Homes (1599-1678) was an Oxford-educated divine who broke with the Church of England to found an Independent congregationalist church. Homes was interested in the final days of the world, and many of his writings deal with interpretations of apocalyptic and prophetic texts. Between 1650 and 1666, Homes wrote on the subject prolifically, and in 1659 he was appointed preacher to the council of state, with lodgings in Whitehall. After the Restoration, Homes lost his position and his living, but was eventually allowed to continue his ministry as an independent preacher.
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