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Les comédies / de Térence ; avec la traduction et les remarques de Madame Dacier.
Published: Rotterdam : G. Fritsch, 1717.
Description: In Latin, with French translation on facing pages. French scholar Anne Le Fèvre Dacier, known mainly for her prose translation of Homer's Iliad, provided the translation of Térence's comedies, along with an introduction to the text. Terence lived during the second century BC and wrote six plays, two of which are included in this text they are Adolphoe and Andria. This was illustrated with an engraved frontispiece and scenes from the plays by Bernard Picart, and woodcut head- and tail-pieces. Title-page in red and black.
Condition/Repair: Covers loose, joints and hinges cracked, head and tail of spine loose. Kozo repair.
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