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ProQuest CongressionalRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri
Also Known as Lexis Nexis Congressional; lexus-nexusLexis Nexis Congressional; lexis nexisLexis Nexis Congressional; Pro QuestLexis Nexis Congressional; lexusnexusLexis Nexis Congressional; lexiLexis Nexis Congressional; lexisLexis Nexis Congressional; lexis-nexisLexis Nexis Congressional; lexus nexusLexis Nexis Congressional; lexusLexis Nexis Congressional; lexisnexis
The ProQuest Congressional database indexes and provides full text access to government information dating to 1789. Content is sourced mainly from Congress and its committees, but some executive branch reports to Congress are also included. Document types include hearings (1824-2003), congressional committee prints and miscellaneous publications (1830-current), House and Senate documents and reports (1980-2003), the Congressional record and its predecessors (1789-1999), the Congressional Serial Set (1980-2003), and Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports(1916-2003). Some Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports from 2004 forward have been added to the database, though they are also freely available on For a complete description of ProQuest Congressional contents, coverage, and update frequency, consult the Content Coverage Chart on the database's main search screen. [more]

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