Enforcing the Quiet Policy

If you’re going to call the areas quiet areas you’ve got to enforce the rule. What are the purpose of the employees sitting in these areas that are designated quiet if they refuse to acknowledge the few people that talk and make it a difficult place to work for all students?  Confused. Please address this issue!  Thank you. I’m not sure which area you are referring to. We don’t have employees sitting in most of our quiet spaces. We do have security officers who make regular rounds of Ellis Library, and they enforce the quiet policy. If you are having problems with noise in a certain area, please let a security officer (they’re in the black polo shirts) know. You might be talking about the computer area on the 1st floor that has been designated quiet. The student sitting in that area is actually an employee of the Division of IT, because that is a student computer lab which is run by them. I am sure if you ask the student worker to enforce the quiet policy they would be glad to do so. Thanks for your comment.
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Noise Outside of Ellis

Okay.. .not rocket science here. I am sitting in the quiet area on the first floor attempting to work/study and outside the window is a band with drums and guitars playing some religious music.  Not harping on this because it is religious in nature but because they are loud. And, besides that they’re really bad.  Question  – you all allow a band to play outside the library – esp the quiet area on a Wednesday afternoon during prime hours? What am I paying for???? Unfortunately, we do not control what goes on in Lowry Mall. I will pass this on to our Security and Facilities staff, and they may know who to send complaints to about Lowry Mall events. Thanks for your comment.
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Noisy Patrons

People talking in the designated quiet areas (for example the computer area by the movies and magazines) and playing music through headphones that can be heard is becoming more and more of a problem that needs to be addressed. It is very annoying for students who are trying to get work done but are not able to focus because of the noise. Please do a better job at enforcing this. Thank you for this comment. I will pass it on to our Security staff. Please feel free to let the Security staff (they’re in the black polos) know if you are being bothered by noisy patrons.    
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Restroom Complaint

Hi, please monitor the restrooms more frequently. I’m not sure what state the women’s restrooms are in, but the men’s are often out of paper towels and soap, littered with used paper towels and excess toilet paper on the floor, and the seats are often too scary to describe for this ‘suggestion box.’ This is an ongoing issue — especially in the evening. Just one example: tonight I used the restroom on the third floor, then discovered there was no soap. Went to the fourth floor. Found soap, but then no hand towels. I also had to wipe down the commode before I was able to use it. Unsettling. I really love this library, but sanitized and stocked bathrooms are essential to a positive experience, and so my conditional love is diminishing. Thank you for your comment. This has been forwarded to the Building Coordinator.
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Loud Students

I am in the library right now and there is a group of students in the back by the windows that have been having a full out conversation and being really loud the past hour, can someone please advise them. it is 9/20/12 6:43pm . thank you very much We do not monitor this suggestion form 24 hours a day. It’s best to contact Library Security when you are having problems with other patrons. The security officers wear black shirts, and they are located at each entrance. There are also officers walking through the library making regular checks, so feel free to speak to them about noisy patrons. Thanks.    
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Access to Full-text Journal Articles

I would really like to be able to actually access articles through Wiley Online Library.  Almost every article I try to open tell me I have access until I tell it to open the full article.  Then it tells me that I dont have access to it with my Institutional Subscription and that I need to purchase access to it.  Its rather annoying to finally find an article that I need after checking Findit@MU and still not being able to open.  Can this please be resolved? We are sorry that you are experiencing problems accessing the articles you need.  Wiley is a publisher of many journal titles.  The MU Libraries do not subscribe to all of those titles nor to all available dates, rather we subscribe to selected ones.  It may be that some of the articles you needed are from titles that we do not currently subscribe to.  In those cases, we can check to see if we have access from another source (either online or in print) and utilize the interlibrary loan service (https://ill.mul.missouri.edu ) to request a copy from another library when we have no access. If Findit@MU indicates that we should have access to a specific title and date but you are unable to access it, we ask that you use the Report Problems button located at the top right of the Findit@MU page.  This will provide us with the specific information about the citation so that we can investigate as quickly as possible to resolve it.
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Squeaky Door

There is a loud squeak in the Ellis Library front door.  Until it gets fixed, could you prop that door open so it is not so noisy? Thank you for letting us know. It has been reported and should be fixed soon.
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Confused About Ellis Library Hours

Earlier this summer, I checked the MU Ellis Library summer hours online at http://mulibraries.missouri.edu/about/hours.htm.  I did not select the “detailed summer hours” link, because the summer hours are listed at the top of the page very clearly.  After checking the hours, I had the understanding that Ellis library would be open on Sunday until 9pm.  I stopped by on Sunday, only to find the library closed and locked.  The hours posted on the door indicated that the library would be open M-Th until 9pm (consistent with the hours posted at the above site).  When I stopped by on Monday after getting off work, the library again was closed!  You can imagine my frustration.  This time, the hours posted on the door had been updated to tell me that the library, as of that week, would only be open until 5pm.  Because I had research to do for a professor at the library, I had to take off my other job early the next day in order to make it to the library before closing time.  On Tuesday, I made it to Ellis at 4pm.  Because I had a lot of books to check out, as well as a microform to view, I collected all the books and then sought assistance with the microform.  The library assistance I received was pleasant, until I headed downstairs to check out.  It was 4:55, and the circulation desk was closed.  Fortunately, someone was still at the desk.  Unfortunately, she was obnoxious to me in telling me that she could not check me out, despite all my previous inconvenience, simply because I had arrived at the desk a few minutes too late.  She told me to return the following day.  I informed her that I had already taken off work to get to the library that day, and that I could not do it a second day.  She also would not hold the books for me, so that I could avoid the hassle of reshelving and refinding the books when I did return.  Consequently, I decided to stay in the library to complete my research.  I was approached by another individual who told me I needed to leave, because the library was closing, and that if I stayed I would have to take it up with security. When I commented about the discrepancy with the hours, I was informed that “we” (I can only assume this means library employees) are not responsible for what is posted on the doors.  I apparently should have checked the website, because that was accurate.  First, I was put off, because I should not have to get online to confirm that the hours posted on the doors of an establishment are correct!  Second, I checked the hours online at the above website, which confirmed that the library should have remained open on Sunday and until 9 during the week.  The only way I was able to find the limited hours was by selecting the “detailed summer hours” link, which I was initially not inclined to do–after all, the hours were clearly posted right there, so I should have no reason to click on the other link. My feedback is that the website and door hours should be more clear.  Also, your employees need to be trained on customer service.  Finally, the circulation desk should be open at least as late as the library itself is open, to allow people who are heading out at closing time to check out their books.   Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this along to the Libraries’ administration team. Ellis Library does have different hours of operation during different times of the year, which can be confusing. Last week we were operating on Intersession hours, which is why we closed at 5 pm. Also, there should have been an announcement letting you know that the Circulation desk would be closing before the Library was closed. We will see what we can do to make the hours more clear on the door and on the website.
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Book Request

I recommend that the MU library purchase the following new book: Free Will and Consciousness: A Determinist Account of the Illusion of Free Will Gregg D. Caruso Lexington Books (2012) ISBN: 978-0-7391-7136-3   The MU Libraries already owns a copy of this book.  Here is a link to the MERLIN record.  http://laurel.lso.missouri.edu/record=b8531882~S1
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Noise in Ellis Library Stairwells

Thank you for this observation. We will keep this comment on file if we decide to update our quiet policy. Right now we have three completely quiet areas in Ellis Library: the CPPR room on the 1st floor, which has computers, and the two reading rooms (201 and 202) on the 2nd floor. We also ask that students observe a general level of quiet on floors 2-4, but at this time we don’t feel like we can monitor the stairwells too. We do have security guards (the people with the black uniforms) that walk through the library throughout the day to enforce the quiet policies. But if there is a particular disturbance going on, please feel free to let the security staff at the west or north entrance know about the problem. Thanks.   Quite areas are infested with students on cell phones, chatty groups, and an overwhelming level of noise distractions.  While I understand it is imposible to cut out all noise from these areas, I think it would be easy to address by making quite areas begin at the bottom of the stair-well.  Students think it’s o.k. to have phone conversations in the stairway, but their voices carry into the rooms quite easily.  If the quiet area extended to the stairwells there would be a higher level of ambiance in these sections.  The current state is really quite annoying and distracting.  I think by changing this policy it will have a positive overall effect and increase awareness.  Please get back to me!
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