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Suggestion for “Find a Specific Article”

Please add searching by author to the Find a Specific Article page. Thanks. With the Find a Specific Article function, the data used to make a direct link to an article is the journal title or ISSN, volume number, issue

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Library App

I like the Merlin option of texting a call number to your phone, but it would be GREAT if you guys had a smartphone app for streamlined database searches and even cooler if it included a library map with a

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Would the library consider creating podcasts of library events such as the Banned Books Week Lecture and the Open Access Lecture and Panel Discussion for staff and students who are unable to attend them? Many of our events are videotaped

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Suggested Change to Website

On pages like this one, it might be easier to find things if they were in alphabetical order: Thank you for this suggestion. We will be making the change.

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Request Regarding Search Options

Could you please bring back the options for searching by author, title,keyword, etc., on the main page?  It’s not helpful to have the location option on the first page of “books and more” without having the option to put what

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MU Libraries Web Site

The MULibraries website system may well be the most organized, well conceived, convenient online resource affiliated with the campus. Thanks! We aim to please.

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Book Location Guide

The book location guide on the library website needs to be easier to find. Right now, it’s under Course Resources, and I forget that every single time I try to find it, resulting in 20 minutes of wasted time and

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