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Free Trial of Database

“I tried to get the free trial to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection to listen to recorded seminars for a research topc, but I got an email saying that I should forward the information to the “appropriate senior administration

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Access to Full-text Journal Articles

I would really like to be able to actually access articles through Wiley Online Library.  Almost every article I try to open tell me I have access until I tell it to open the full article.  Then it tells me

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Thanks for Library Links on Blackboard

“Just wanted to let you know I love having the Library links on the homepage of Blackboard. Very useful, good work!” Thanks! We are glad that you find the easy access to Library resources through Blackboard helpful.

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Question About PsychInfo Platform

I am a faculty member in the Department of Health Psychology, and use the database PsychInfo almost daily. I find the OvidSP platform to be very slow and cumbersome – and very much enjoyed using the trial for the EBSCO

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Recommendation Regarding Sensor Letters

I strongly recommend that our library subscribe to the Sensor Letters ( published by American Scientific  Publishers ( because this journal is very much needed for my research work and it is a very important reference source to my colleagues/students.

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Online Resources Amazingly Helpful

I don’t have any problems or complaints. I’ve been working on a research project for class and have found the online resources amazingly helpful. There have been very few journals or articles that I have not been able to access

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