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Confused About Ellis Library Hours

Earlier this summer, I checked the MU Ellis Library summer hours online at  I did not select the “detailed summer hours” link, because the summer hours are listed at the top of the page very clearly.  After checking the

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Concern About Library Hours

I have a suggestion regarding Library timings specially on weekends.On Friday and Saturday,because of having no classes at weekend,few people like me usually read late till night but as library closes around 8,it does not help any bit to people

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Complaint About Ellis Library Hours

The hours of operation for Ellis Library are extremely poor.  One of the three missions of the University of Missouri is that of education.  This past Saturday I ran into a problem regarding the libraries hours.  On Saturday evening I

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Ellis Library Finals Hours

Honestly, is this the University of Missouri or William Woods? The hours the library has are pathetic. Not opening until noon on the Sunday before finals? This is absolutely ludacris. There are very few public areas to study in the

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