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Lights in Cubicles

Provide lights at cubicle computers located on the east first floor Thanks for this comment, but we’re not sure exactly where you are talking about. Please email me directly at with more details.

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Problem with Wireless in the Library

The Wireless in the Library is spotty/and or incredibly slow, its not my computer because I don’t have this problem in the memorial union or student center. It’s especially bad during finals. Do something about this please!! We apologize for

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Laptop Problem

For a class, I was required to use a CDROM disc program on a Windows computer. When I asked how I could do that at Ellis Library, they said I could rent out a laptop, so I did. I asked

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Two Concerns About Ellis Library

I adore the library. And I always have. Going there is like going home for me, and I feel very lucky to have such a monolithic research tool at my disposal in these decidedly midwestern climes. However, I have a

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Adobe Creative Suite in the Journalism Library

I think that the library computers need Adobe Creative Suite Software. The only computers in the Journalism School are in the Design lab and 206 Neff. These labs are constantly filled each day with classes so there is nowhere for

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Saving From Gmail

On one of the WinMacs in the 1st floor computer area, when I go to save a file from my Gmail account, I don’t have the option to “Save As,” just to “Save.” I hit “Save,” but then when I

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Strain on Library’s Computer Resources

As a senior student, I have seen Mizzou grow considerably over the years. Unfortunately, between the hours of 10am-3pm or so, I see this growth putting a strain on the certain library resources, such as the computer work stations on

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Update on Spell Check

It is absolutly ridiculous that a month and a half into a semester, a “world class” university does not have spell check on their library computers. This should have been – and could have been – fixed within 24 hours

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No Spell Check on New Computers

Many of the computers in Ellis do not have spell check or review capabilities for Microsoft Word. Please consider installing that update so that it is easier for students to revise and proofread their documents. Thank you! Thank you for

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