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Closing Announcement at Ellis Library

Hi, I just want to advise that Ellis library should change its notification/emergence ring tone to a more gentle and slightly increasing volume one instead of the one loud harsh sound beat, which really gives people “heart-attack”, especially considering students

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Dirty Bathrooms

Please clean your male bathrooms more! There is no one in particular because they are all disgusting! Just used the restroom on the fourth-r floor. Literally smelled like someone took a bucket of urine and dumped it all over the

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Lights in Cubicles

Provide lights at cubicle computers located on the east first floor Thanks for this comment, but we’re not sure exactly where you are talking about. Please email me directly at with more details.

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Gum in the Library

“there is several gum almost beneath every desk, I hope they can be wiped out regually. maybe I can apply for that job” Thank you for your comments. We do have custodians who clean the tops of the  desks and

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2nd Floor Curtains

The curtains on the 2nd floor in front of room #202H are not adjustable. I almost cannot see my laptop screen! Thank you for this comment. I will pass it along to our building coordinator.    

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Restroom Complaint

Hi, please monitor the restrooms more frequently. I’m not sure what state the women’s restrooms are in, but the men’s are often out of paper towels and soap, littered with used paper towels and excess toilet paper on the floor,

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Squeaky Door

There is a loud squeak in the Ellis Library front door.  Until it gets fixed, could you prop that door open so it is not so noisy? Thank you for letting us know. It has been reported and should be

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More Outlets Needed on 2nd Floor

“It would be great to have more power outlet at the 2nd floor of the quiet area.” Thank you for your comment. Due to budget constraints, we will probably not be adding a lot of outlets soon. But there has

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Broken Paper Towel Dispenser

One of the two paper towel dispensers has been broken for several weeks. Can this be fixed? The sign was removed, but it still doesn’t work. This paper towel dispenser was reported twice in the last 3 weeks. It has

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Trouble Getting in Journalism Library

The Journalism Library is open until midnight on weekdays, yet all doors into the Reynolds Journalism Institute except one are locked before 9 p.m. And which door will be unlocked is not consistent. It doesn’t make sense for the doors

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