Closing Announcement at Ellis Library

Hi, I just want to advise that Ellis library should change its notification/emergence ring tone to a more gentle and slightly increasing volume one instead of the one loud harsh sound beat, which really gives people “heart-attack”, especially considering students who study till late, this is very dangerous to their heart-brain system. Please sincerely consider my advise as it is not an individual issue, but I have encountered countless complaint about the ring tone, but no one knows where to file an official complaint. Thank you for your comment. I have sent this to the library administration. We may be able to lower the sound or change the tone a little bit.  The purpose of the announcement is to get the attention of users, so they can wrap up what they are doing and exit the building. If the tone is too soft  it will be ignored, and it has to be loud enough for students who are wearing ear buds or headphones to hear.
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