Enforcing the Quiet Policy

If you’re going to call the areas quiet areas you’ve got to enforce the rule. What are the purpose of the employees sitting in these areas that are designated quiet if they refuse to acknowledge the few people that talk and make it a difficult place to work for all students?  Confused. Please address this issue!  Thank you. I’m not sure which area you are referring to. We don’t have employees sitting in most of our quiet spaces. We do have security officers who make regular rounds of Ellis Library, and they enforce the quiet policy. If you are having problems with noise in a certain area, please let a security officer (they’re in the black polo shirts) know. You might be talking about the computer area on the 1st floor that has been designated quiet. The student sitting in that area is actually an employee of the Division of IT, because that is a student computer lab which is run by them. I am sure if you ask the student worker to enforce the quiet policy they would be glad to do so. Thanks for your comment.
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