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Restroom Complaint

Hi, please monitor the restrooms more frequently. I’m not sure what state the women’s restrooms are in, but the men’s are often out of paper towels and soap, littered with used paper towels and excess toilet paper on the floor,

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Loud Students

I am in the library right now and there is a group of students in the back by the windows that have been having a full out conversation and being really loud the past hour, can someone please advise them.

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Access to Full-text Journal Articles

I would really like to be able to actually access articles through Wiley Online Library.  Almost every article I try to open tell me I have access until I tell it to open the full article.  Then it tells me

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Squeaky Door

There is a loud squeak in the Ellis Library front door.  Until it gets fixed, could you prop that door open so it is not so noisy? Thank you for letting us know. It has been reported and should be

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