Complaint About Ellis Library Hours

The hours of operation for Ellis Library are extremely poor.  One of the three missions of the University of Missouri is that of education.  This past Saturday I ran into a problem regarding the libraries hours.  On Saturday evening I wanted to go to the library to study for a few hours because I had 2 tests and a final the upcoming week.  However, I was unable to, because on Saturday night the library closes at 7pm.  While I understand that it is the weekend and many people may be partying instead of studying, this is still ridiculous.  Even people who are going to party don’t start until 10pm.  Partying isn’t by any form endorsed by the University anyways. The University of Missouri is one of the only major schools around the country with such poor hours for their main undergraduate library.  In fact, most major school’s libraries are open 24 hours a day (at least on the week days). Thank you for your comment about Ellis Library hours. We do strive to be available to MU students whenever they need to study, and so it is useful to know that we may not be meeting this need on Saturday evenings. Hours are set for the library based on available resources (primarily money for staffing) and the needs of the students. We do have statistics on how many people are in the library at various times of the day during the week and on weekends. Our counts show that on Saturday nights the library is not heavily used. But we are always looking at ways to increase service to patrons. We were able to use money that we make from the Bookmark Cafe to increase the library’s hours to 2 am during the week. And during this finals week we are open until 4 am most nights. Your comment will be given to the Library Management Team, so they can keep this in consideration when planning the Ellis Library schedule in upcoming semesters.
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