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MU Libraries Van

On my way to lunch on break (12:25 pm), which doesn’t give a lot of time but is sufficient, I got stuck behind a MU Libraries van. The black male driving (white male passenger) continued to drive 15 mph below

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Broken Paper Towel Dispenser

One of the two paper towel dispensers has been broken for several weeks. Can this be fixed? The sign was removed, but it still doesn’t work. This paper towel dispenser was reported twice in the last 3 weeks. It has

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Ellis Library Finals Hours

Honestly, is this the University of Missouri or William Woods? The hours the library has are pathetic. Not opening until noon on the Sunday before finals? This is absolutely ludacris. There are very few public areas to study in the

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Noise in the Current Periodicals Reading Room

All of this afternoon (December 13) I was studying in the southern end of Current Periodicals; the ‘quiet’ study area. Unfortunately a group of seven people chose to study as a group, and ruined the ‘quiet’ designation for the room.

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