Closing Announcement at Ellis Library

Hi, I just want to advise that Ellis library should change its notification/emergence ring tone to a more gentle and slightly increasing volume one instead of the one loud harsh sound beat, which really gives people “heart-attack”, especially considering students who study till late, this is very dangerous to their heart-brain system. Please sincerely consider my advise as it is not an individual issue, but I have encountered countless complaint about the ring tone, but no one knows where to file an official complaint. Thank you for your comment. I have sent this to the library administration. We may be able to lower the sound or change the tone a little bit.  The purpose of the announcement is to get the attention of users, so they can wrap up what they are doing and exit the building. If the tone is too soft  it will be ignored, and it has to be loud enough for students who are wearing ear buds or headphones to hear.
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Posting Flyers in Ellis Library

I am interested in posting flyers in Ellis Library to recruit participants for a study I am conducting through the Peer Relations Lab in the Department of Psychological Sciences. I was not clear from reading the webpage what the process is for posting these and who to contact in order for the flyers to be approved. Any information you are able to provide would be much appreciated. Thanks! Please bring two copies of your flyer to the Admin Office, 104 Ellis Library. We will approve and post them.
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Dirty Bathrooms

Please clean your male bathrooms more! There is no one in particular because they are all disgusting! Just used the restroom on the fourth-r floor. Literally smelled like someone took a bucket of urine and dumped it all over the walls and floor. It was worse than a truck stop bathroom. THis is not the first time I have experienced a disgusting bathroom at Ellis and I am sure it will not be the last. Please improve the cleanliness Thank you both for your comments. I have passed these on to our building supervisor. We do have regularly scheduled cleaning of all bathrooms, but thanks for letting us know that there are still problems.
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Lights in Cubicles

Provide lights at cubicle computers located on the east first floor Thanks for this comment, but we’re not sure exactly where you are talking about. Please email me directly at with more details.
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Website Link to Report Noisy Patrons

At my friend’s college, they have a thing on their website where if people are being loud, you can click the link and put your location and the problem. Then, a librarian or security will come and quiet them down or have them leave. I think we should definitely have this. At least for really loud people especially during the finals countdown period. This is an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing. It would be great if you could let us know the college you are referring to, so we could look at how they are doing this. Please email me directly at
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Use of Grand Reading Room for Events

It would be nice if the big quiet room on the second floor could no longer being used for “library events.”  It really aggravates me when “events” are given priority over students’ studies, and at a university library no less. Thank you for your comment about events in the libraries. I will pass it along to library administration. We do try to limit the events in that room, and usually only have a couple all year. I’m sure  you can understand that since it’s such a nice room, we have a lot of requests for the use of the room. We do take the impact that it will have on students very seriously. We hope that you will understand and can take advantage of our other quiet spaces during this time.
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Free Trial of Database

“I tried to get the free trial to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection to listen to recorded seminars for a research topc, but I got an email saying that I should forward the information to the “appropriate senior administration member or librarian,” who should I contact with this information.” We are not currently participating in a trial to Henry Stewart Talks: The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection.  We conducted a trial a few years ago and do not have any plans to subscribe to this resource at this time.
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Gum in the Library

“there is several gum almost beneath every desk, I hope they can be wiped out regually. maybe I can apply for that job” Thank you for your comments. We do have custodians who clean the tops of the  desks and tables. Unfortunately, they can’t regularly get to all of the gum that is left behind. We would encourage you to ask your fellow library users not to leave their gum behind. There are trash cans all throughout the library.  
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2nd Floor Curtains

The curtains on the 2nd floor in front of room #202H are not adjustable. I almost cannot see my laptop screen! Thank you for this comment. I will pass it along to our building coordinator.    
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Problem with Wireless in the Library

The Wireless in the Library is spotty/and or incredibly slow, its not my computer because I don’t have this problem in the memorial union or student center. It’s especially bad during finals. Do something about this please!! We apologize for the inconvenience – the wireless connection tends to be affected by the number of people who are trying to connect with the network in any given location.  The library is certainly more crowded during finals week, leading to a slower connection.  We will let the IT department know about the issue, but you may want to try switching to one of the library computers for a faster connection.      
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