Renew Books Using a Proxy card


  • Bring books to be renewed to the circulation desk < OR >
  • Renew them online

To Renew a Book Online

If the faculty member is renewing:
  1. Select the option: MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Enter your EMPL ID with a leading zero, and followed by the lower-case letters cp, and the specific proxy account number for the account you wish to view (this should be a numeral 1 if only one proxy; each additional account will have a successive number).

The result will look like this: 012345678cp1

  • Books and government documents may be renewed up to two times.
  • Most MU materials may be discharged and checked out again after two renewals — bring them with an MU ID (or the proxy card and an MU ID card) to the circulation desk.
  • Materials from other locations, such as MERLIN and MOBIUS loans, must be returned when the items have been renewed  two times.
If the Proxy borrower is renewing:
  1. Select the option: MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT
  2. Enter the faculty member’s name
  3. Enter the nine-digit proxy number printed on the back of the card (do not include the /0083), and add a lower case c.

It will look like this: 123456789c

NOTE: If a proxy number is used to request an item, that item can only be checked out using the proxy card and renewed using the proxy number.