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Eighteenth-century artificial limbs, clockwork figurines, boat winches, and more!

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Machines et inventions approuvées par l’Académie royale des sciences, depuis son établissement jusqu’à présent; avec leur description. Dessinées & publiées du consentement de l’Académie, par M. Gallon.  Paris, G. Martin [etc.], 1735-77.

MERLIN catalog record.  Recently restored through the Adopt a Book Program.

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Adopt a Book program update

We have a large batch of Adopt a Book materials to feature this time!  Thanks to the Friends of the Libraries, our generous donors, and conservator Jim Downey, the fragile, valuable and irreplaceable books in Special Collections can receive greatly-needed repairs and preservation treatment.  This program provides the main source of funding for rare book preservation and repair at the University of Missouri Libraries. Since the collections are heavily used, this is a vital service for MU researchers and students.  

The books featured below are just a few of the ones that have recently received conservation treatment through this program.  Take a look, and consider sponsoring a rare book through the Adopt a Book program website.


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Adopt a Book Update

Thanks to our generous donors, the Friends of the Libraries, and conservator Jim Downey, we have been able to do much-needed repair work on many of the fragile, valuable, and irreplaceable books in our collections.  Below are just a few of the most recent examples of the amazing work the Adopt a Book Program accomplishes.  As always, there are new books available for adoption as well.  Click over to our Adopt a Book page and take a look!

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A few of the books now available for adoption:

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