Homeland Security

  • Randy Boehm, Columbia Police Chief
  • Office: 874-7402
  • Can speak about threats of violence received in Columbia and added protection employed by the department.

Missouri National Guard, Lt. Tamara Spicer

  • Office: 638-9846 Home: 496-3029
  • Can speak about steps taken by the National Guard, particularly relating to airport security.

Timothy Daniel, Missouri Special Advisor for Homeland Security

  • Phone #1: 356-3349 Phone #2: 751-1752
  • Chief planner and adviser to governor on all homeland security issues.

Missouri Highway Patrol, headquarters in Jefferson City

  • 751-3313
  • Key agency in implementing statewide plans for dealing with terrorist attack or subsequent backlash.

FBI, national press office

  • (202) 324-3691
  • Lead investigative agency and may offer warnings of threats of violence.

Callaway Nuclear Plant

  • Michael Cleary 681-7137 Breck Henderson (NRC) (817) 860-8128
  • Speak about precautions being taken to prevent against possible violence against the plant, located near Columbia.

University Violence/International Students

  • Michelle Gleba, public relations at Columbia College
  • Office: 875-7285
  • Speak about threats or precautions relating to international students at Columbia College and any extra precautions being taken by the college in general.

Jack Watring (Maj.), MU police department

  • Office: 882-3518 Home: 445-1850
  • Speak about security measures being taken by MU to ensure safety and about any reports of violence filed.

Christian Basi, news bureau at MU

  • Office: 882-4430
  • Speak about security measures being taken by MU and any withdrawal of international students

Badr Jamjoom, international student at MU from Saudi Arabia

  • Home: 445-4638
  • Speak about perceived or actual threats of violence among international students, especially those from the Middle East.

Islamic Community

Ali Muhammed, imam at Islamic Center of Central Missouri

  • Islamic School: 442-1556 Mosque: 875-4633 Home: 874-0342
  • Could speak about any threats received by the Islamic Center or security precautions being taken.

Rashed Nizam, president of Islamic Center of Central Missouri

  • Mosque: 875-4633 e-mail: rashedn@hotmail.com
  • Is the official voice of the Islamic Center and could also speak about concerns of violence.

Ahmed El-Sayed, president of Muslim Student Organization at MU

  • Home: 445-3010
  • Could speak about threats or precautions taken by Muslim students at MU.

Alaa El-buri, public relations officer of Muslim Student Organization at MU

  • Mobile: 356-5543 Home: 446-8279

Zaynab Mustafa, member of Muslim Student Organization

  • Home: 817-0041
  • Born in Iraq, she would be an excellent source regarding violent backlashes in America.

Council on American-Islamic Relations

  • (202) 488-8787
  • National organization that can speak about threats of violence toward Muslims across the country.

Academic Perspectives

  • Bruce Harry, associate professor (psychiatry) in MU school of medicine
  • Office: 882-3176
  • Speak about violence and aggression in general; causes and effects of violent activity.

Robin Remington, professor emeritus (political science) at MU; also works with Peace Haven

  • Home: 442-0681
  • Speaks about the effect of violence on society.

Paul Wallace, professor (political science) at MU

  • 882-2820
  • Speak about the role of violence in achieving a terrorist objective.

Tushar K Ghosh, Assoc. Professor of Nuclear Eng.

  • Nuclear Eng Dept., 882-9736
  • E2438 Engineering Bldg. East
  • Taught class titled ‘Scientific and Technical Aspects of Terrorism & Counter Terrorism’
  • ghosht@missouri.edu

Signe Cohen, religious studies assistant professor who teaches class on Islam

  • 405 GCB, no phone number

Theological Perspectives

Mike Murray/David Finke, members of Columbia Friends (Quakers)

  • Murray Home: 657-5546 Finke Home: 499-0178
  • The Friends are pacifists and oppose violence in all situations.

Yossi Feintuch, Rabbi of congregation Beth Shalom

  • Office: 449-4855 Home: 447-0191
  • Can speak of violence from a Jewish perspective; relevant particularly in stories dealing with Middle East violence.

Joseph Cline, pastor of First Baptist Church

  • Mobile: 673-0756
  • Can speak about his congregations reaction to violence and how Baptists view different forms of violence.

Other sources

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

The Pentagon emergency page

Listen to police scanners in many U.S. cities including New York City, Washington D.C., Police and Fire Depts.

From Jane’s Defense Weekly–tracking on terrorism events in the last week.

Jane’s Defense Weekly assesses risks in various areas of the world

The Justice Department’s Terrorism in the United states index-annual summaries from 1996-1999

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) will most likely take over the coordination of all of this–as FEMA has always planned to do in the event of a national attack.

Here is a listing of the major known Terrorist organizations with a description of who they are and what they have done until now:

What is counter terrorism and what is being done?