Islamic Community

Ali Muhammed, imam at Islamic Center of Central Missouri

Islamic School: 442-1556 Mosque: 875-4633 Home: 874-0342

Could speak about any threats received by the Islamic Center or security precautions being taken.

Rashed Nizam, president of Islamic Center of Central Missouri

Mosque: 875-4633 e-mail:

Is the official voice of the Islamic Center and could also speak about concerns of violence.

Ahmed El-Sayed, president of Muslim Student Organization at MU

Home: 445-3010

Could speak about threats or precautions taken by Muslim students at MU.

Alaa El-buri, public relations officer of Muslim Student Organization at MU

Mobile: 356-5543 Home: 446-8279

Zaynab Mustafa, member of Muslim Student Organization

Home: 817-0041

Born in Iraq, she would be an excellent source regarding violent backlashes in America.

Council on American-Islamic Relations

(202) 488-8787

National organization that can speak about threats of violence toward Muslims across the country.