Magazine Reviews

How to find substantial articles about your magazine

Go to the Journalism Library webpage:

Click on Databases on the top red tab.

First start with “Ulrich’s Periodical Directory” Just click on the letter U at the top. Find it in the database list under U. In the search box type in the title of your magazine.  Example: Paste.   If your magazine doesn’t show up then try using the advanced search.   

When your search results show click on the title.  There will be links at the bottom.  Click on “Reviews”.  This will give you one review of your magazine.  Make a note of who the publisher is of the magazine. You can use that to help in other databases.


  • Next go back to the Journalism Library main pageClick on the Journalism Core Database Page.  Choose Communication and Mass Media Complete. You will want to click on the “Advanced” tab.  Start by putting in quotes “paste: signs of music, life and culture” and click on the drop down next to your search query and try searching it by Subject.  If you don’t get any articles try it again but change the box to “citation and abstract”.  You can also try taking out paste magazine and putting in the publisher of the magazine.  In the case of Paste it is Paste Media Group.  Try a company search on them. 

If you still aren’t finding much on your magazine go back to the Journalism Core database page.   Scroll down to the Strategic Communication list and choose ABI Inform.  Click on Advanced Search and type in the name of your magazine in quotes and click the drop down menu to subject.  There may be other suggested topics above the link like the company name.  Click on those also.

You can also try Factivathen under the big white search box click on “industry” and type in magazines. Click the blue up arrow next to magazine publishing and it will put the search code for searching magazine industry. Next to that put a space and type the word and and add the title of your magazine in quotes. Like this: in=i4752 and “womens health”.

And you can also try Lexis/Nexis.  Go back to our main page and on the left side Click on “Find News” under “I Need to“  then click on News Databases then on Lexis/Nexis Academic  On the upper left side in Lexis/Nexis click on Power Search.  In the first top search box type in your magazine’s name in quotes if it is more than one word.  You can click on different types of news on the left or just browse through the titles that come up.

You don’t want to add the word “review” as you’ll get movie reviews, book reviews etc. Look through these articles and see if any talk about the magazine.

Also Library Journal does reviews on new magazines and zines here:      Do a search within this publication at the top right.

Amazon has a best sellers magazine site that has customer reviews.

Literary & Alternative Magazine Reviews –

Magazine Reviews by consumers –

Samir Husni compiles a web page with new magazine launches which also has his reviews.

If you haven’t found enough articles still then you might want to try “Google” but be careful to judge whether the article is a credible source. 

If you need help with any of the databases contact Sue Schuermann at or stop by the library in 102 Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Revised Summer 2012