Update Information on an Existing Course Reserves Page

You may change any information on Docutek/ERes course reserves page any time after the course reserves page has been created.
Login and select the “Course Reserves Page” link. eres-3-course-documents-copyright
Search for your course.  eres-update-1a-searchcourse
Select your course eres-update-1b-select-course
The window opens up on the “Page Management “ tab. Select the “Course Settings” tab, where you can change the course information displayed on your course page.   eres-update-1-settings
  Please note: You may add or remove the names of teaching assistants, but to add or remove the name(s) of co-instructor(s), please contact the Reserve staff who will do this for you (882-6038 or umcellislibraryres@missouri.edu).   eres-2-update-settings
The change will be completed after you choose “Done” and then “Close Window” on the following screen.