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Beliefs About Jesus

Study# USPSRA2004-NW19
Survey firm: Princeton Survey Research Associates International
Survey sponsor: Newsweek
Dates: December 2-3, 2004
Sample: National adult
Sample size: 1,009
Sample notes: There are 2 forms for this study located in column 20. Form A=1; Form B=2.
Variables: 57
Major topics covered:
Satisfied with was things are going in US (1); George W. Bush job approval (1); Religious preference (1); Yourself a Christian (1); Born-again Christian (1); Personal commitment to Jesus Christ (1); Non-Christians convert (1); Considered converting (1); Views on Jesus (1); Jesus son of God (1); Literal belief about bible (1); Jesus born without father (1); Story of Christmas (1); Jesus return to earth (2); World different if there wasn’t a Jesus (1); Organized Christianity influence on government (1); Reflects true Christian values (2); Teaching creation science (2); Origin of Humans (1); Evolution is well supported (1)

2003 Religion and Public Life Survey

Study# USPEW2003-RELIG
Survey firm: Princeton Survey Research Associates International
Survey Sponsor: Pew Research Center for the People &
the Press and Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
Dates: June 24-July 8, 2003
Sample: National adult
Sample size: 2,002
Variables: 242
Major topics covered:
George W. Bush job performance (1); views on some issues being discussed in this country today (5); would like to see George W. Bush re-elected in 2004/would prefer that a Democrat win the election (1); influence of religion on American life (1); influence of religion in the world (1); overall opinion of some specific religious groups (8); should churches and other houses of worship keep out of political matters/express their views on day-to-day social and political questions (1); clergy who speak out on issues should reflect views of members of their congregation/should express own views (1); think their has been too much/too little/right amount of expressions of religious faith and prayer by political leaders (1); George W. Bush mentions his religious faith and prayer too much/too little/about the right amount (1); how much does George W. Bush rely on his own religious beliefs in making policy decisions (2); dispute between Israel and the Palestinians (2); believe Israel was given to the Jewish people by God/don’t believe this is literally true (1); believe/do not believe that the state of Israel is a fulfillment of the biblical prophesy about the second coming of Jesus (1); religious preferences (4); how often attend religious services (2); how important is religion in own life (1); feelings about the Bible (2); how much know about the Muslim religion and its practices (1); think Muslim religion and own religion have a lot in common/are very different (1); opinion of Islam (1); know/do not know what name Muslims use to refer to God (1); know/do not know the name of the Islamic equivalent to the Bible (1); religious references in statements made by prominent U.S. political leaders (8); proper/improper for journalists to ask politicians how their religious beliefs affect their opinions on issues of the day (2); would/would not vote for well-qualified presidential candidates of certain religions (10); would like to see more/less of religious leaders appearing on television talk shows (1); would like to see more/less of religious leaders serving as advisers for elected officials (1); would like to see more/less of religious leaders running for public office (1); would like to see more/less of religious leaders forming political movements (1); feel that certain groups and organizations are friendly/neutral/unfriendly toward religion (7); how often use religious beliefs to help make decisions in a typical day (1); how often use religious beliefs to help decide how to vote in an election (1); agree/disagree that government should guarantee health insurance for all citizens even if it means repealing most of the tax cuts passed under President Bush (1); opinion about whether government should/should not guarantee health insurance for all citizens is a political/moral issue (1); religions that do/do not encourage violence (4); role of religion in causing most wars and conflicts in the world (1); effort to discourage people from buying Sport Utility Vehicles that asks “What would Jesus drive?” (1); think that Jesus would/would not drive an SUV (1); voted for Gore/Bush/Nader/Buchanan in 2000 presidential election (1); have/do not have a friend/colleague/family member who is gay (1); own/do not own an SUV (1); display/do not display the flag at home/in office/on car (1); do/do not happen to have any guns or revolvers in home (1); do/do not trade stocks or bonds in the stock markets (1).

Americans’ Views of Muslim Countries

Study# USAIPOCNUS2002-08
Survey firm: Gallup Organization
Survey Sponsor: Cable News Network and USA Today
Dates: March 1-3, 2002
Sample: National adult
Sample size: 863
Variables: 140
Major topics covered:
Bush job performance (2); Morality issue (1); Foreign country favorability (1); Muslim countries (11); Israel (1); U.S. and Western countries (1); View of the United States (3); View of Pakistan (1); U.S./Foreign country relations (1); Life determination by supreme power (1); September 11th attacks (1); Islamic religion and violence (1); U.S. immigration (1); Osama bin Laden (1); Importance of religion (1).

Washington Post Poll # 19183: Catholic Church Poll

Study# USWASH2002-19183
Survey firm: TNS Intersearch
Survey sponsor: Washington Post
Dates: June 16-17, 2002
Sample: National adult with an oversample of 223 Catholics
Sample size: 1,004
Variables: 45
Major topics covered:
George W. Bush job performance (1); opinion of Catholic Church (1); satisfied/dissatisfied with Church leadership (4); Catholic Church handling of sexual abuse issue (7); Church preventing/covering up abuse issues (2); trust in Church to handle issue in future (1).

Iraqi Prisoners Abuse/”Left Behind” Books

Study# USPSRA2004-NW09
Survey firm: Princeton Survey Research Associates International
Survey Sponsor: Newsweek
Dates: May 13-14, 2004
Sample: National adult
Sample size: 1,010
Variables: 63
Major topics covered:
Interest in politics (1); Registered to vote (1); Vote if election where today (4); Opinion of Kerry/Bush (2); Satisfied with US (1); George W. Bush job approval (1); Re-elect George W. Bush (1); George W. Bush handling of Iraq (1); US establish stable democracy in Iraq (1); US right in taking military action against Iraq (1); American’s beheading (1); Iraqi prisoner abuse (3); congress response to prisoner abuse scandal (2); Rumsfeld resign (1); Kerry criticism of Bush handling of Iraq (1); Same-sex Marriage (1); Religious beliefs (3); Different faiths go to heaven (5); End of world (1); Book of revelation (1); Believe in rapture (1); Left Behind Books (4).

Health Care/Catholic Church

Study# USABCWASH2003-935
Survey firm: TNS Intersearch
Survey sponsor: ABC News / The Washington Post
Field dates: October 9-13, 2003
Sample: National adult with an oversample of Catholics
Sample size: 1,281
Variables: 135
Major topics covered:
George W. Bush job performance (6); would vote for George W. Bush/Democratic nominee if 2004 presidential election was today (2); think war with Iraq was/was not worth fighting (1); U.S. military casualties in Iraq (1); Bush Administration does/does not have a clear plan for handling the situation in Iraq (1); investigation into whether someone in White House identified an undercover CIA agent (3); which candidate would vote for if 2004 Democratic presidential primary or caucus were being held today (2); satisfied/dissatisfied with health care/insurance (10); have some form of health insurance/health care coverage (1); Medicare/Medicaid/private medical insurance (1); three main types of private health insurance (1); familiarity with terms and conditions of health insurance plan (1); variety of choices for health insurance (1); familiarity with different health care plans and options not available (1); serious illness/injury under current health insurance plan (1); chronic ongoing illness that requires medical care under current health insurance plan (1); put off medical treatment in last twelve months because of cost (2); costs for health insurance premiums have been going up/holding steady/going down (1); have an employer who helps pay for health insurance coverage (2); deductible and co-pay expenses have been going up/holding steady/going down (1); worried about possibility of losing health insurance because of loss of a job (1); worried about being able to afford the cost of health care insurance over next few years (1); health insurance plan pays medical expenses without much problem/gives difficult time about paying (1); health insurance plan ever refused to pay for all/part of a medical treatment (4); rationing of health care (2); health care system in Canada (4); Medicare (1); would support/oppose a new federal program that would help pay prescription drug expenses for senior citizens at $400 billion over next ten years (2); ever bought prescription drugs from Canada/another foreign country (1); should be legal/illegal to buy prescription drugs from Canada/Europe/other industrialized countries (1); more important to provide health care coverage for all Americans/hold down taxes (1); universal health insurance program (3); opinion of HMOs (1); morally acceptable/unacceptable things to do (5); opinion of Catholic Church (1); Roman Catholic Church is in/out of touch with views of Catholics in America today (1); Pope John Paul II’s job performance (11); Pope John Paul II/local church officials best represent views on religious and moral issues (1); next pope should maintain traditional policies of Church/change Church policies to reflect current attitudes and lifestyles (1); prefer to have next pope come from a country in developed world/a country in developing world (1); opinion of Pope John Paul II (1); been personally influenced by Pope John Paul II (4); think Pope John Paul II should resign for health reasons/remain in office until he dies (1); favor/oppose certain policies in Roman Catholic Church (2); sexual abuse of children by priests (3); how would rate own personal health (1).

2002 Religion and Public Life Survey

Study# USPEW2002-RELIG
Field dates: February 25-March 10, 2002
Survey sponsor: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
Sample size: 2,002
Major topics covered:
Satisfaction with direction of country (1); People-honest and loyal (1); People-sense of right and wrong (1); Favorability of programs and proposals (1); Men and women giving 1 year service to this nation (2); Government programs encouraging marriage (1); U.S. to aid Afghanistan (2); Helping the needy (1); Religion influencing people’s lives (4); View of groups and organizations (1); Opinion of religious groups (1); Political leaders expressing faith and prayer post 9/11 (1); Showing American flags post 9/11 (1); Attending religious services (1); Importance of religion in your life (1); Involvement in Church activities (1); Practicing your religion (1); Churches favoring candidates during Political elections (1); U.S. as a Christian nation (1); Knowledge of Muslim Religion (1); Comparing Religions (1); Anti-American Muslims (2); Muslim name for god (1); Islam equivalent to bible (1); Special protection from God (2); Terrorist attacks and protection from God (1); Religious Faith: morals/values/violence (1); 9/11 lessons learned (1); Religion causing worst conflicts (1); Good Americans and religion (2); Honest and ethical standards of leaders (1); Business executives obeying government laws (1); Enron and declining morals (1); Welfare (4); Society’s failures and poor people (1); American children living in poverty (2); Catholic church and sexual abuse (2); Cloning human beings (2); Stem cell research (4); Protecting human embryos (2).

Catholic Priests in the United States

Study# USLAT2002-471
Survey firm: Los Angeles Times
Dates: June 27-October 11, 2002
Sample: Catholic Priests
Sample size: 1,854
Variables: 188
Major topics covered:
Principal assignment as a Priest (2); External Priest in Diocese (1); Greatest Joy as a Priest (5); Greatest challenge as a Priest (5); Satisfied with life as a Pries (1); Priest life turnout (1); Priesthood again (1); Advise to enter seminary (1); Advise not to enter seminary (5); Leave Priesthood (1); Pope John Paul II remembered in history (1); Pope John Paul II’s views on morals (1); Pope John Paul II’s accomplishments (5); New Pope have John Paul II’s qualities (5); New Pope not have John Paul II’s qualities (5); Bishop’s job performance (1); Bishops views on morals (1); Feel comfortable going to bishop for help (1); Hold elections for Bishops (1); Problems facing church in U.S. (5); Rate the Catholic Church (1); Status of Church (1); Confidence in Church (1); Young priests more conservative (1); Reform Catholic Church (5); Quick/Slow reform (1); Church follow all teachings (1); Path to Salvation (1); Problems with Laity (5); Families threatened (2); Needs of Laity (1); Laity on moral issues (1); Why laity are leaving (5); Premarital sex a sin (1); Abortion as a sin (1); Artificial Birth control (1); Use of cloning to cure diseases (1); Stem-cell research (1); Use condoms against aids (1); Gay sex a sin (1); Commit suicide a sin if suffering from fatal disease (1); Masturbation a sin (1); Ordination of Women as deacons (1); Ordinations of women as priests (1); Ordinations of women as Bishops (1); Why ordain women (1); Allow priests to marry (1); Why allow priests to marry (1); When allow priests to marry (1); Shortage of priests made church lower standards (1); U.S. News media coverage of the Church (1); Religious Ideology (1); Political Ideology (1); Gay subculture in the Dioceses (1); Gay subculture in the Seminary (1); Sexual orientation (1)l Celibacy Role (1); Celibacy easier for gay/straight priests (1); Level of intimacy (1); Bishop Job rating (1); Sex allegations true (1); Discipling priests (1); Satisfied with compact (1); Restored confidence in the Church (1); Protect minors (1); Church being fair to priests accused of abuse (1); Discipline Bishops (1); Procedure for sex abuse (1); Biggest Crisis for Catholic Church (1); What bothers you about the most recent allegations (5); Punishment for bishops (1).

Catholic Priests and Homosexuality

Study# USPSRA2002-NW03
Survey firm: Princeton Survey Research Associates
Survey Sponsor: Newsweek
Dates: April 25-26, 2002
Sample: National adult
Sample size: 1,000
Variables: 56
Major topics covered:
Bush job performance (1); Colin Powell (1); Middle East (6); Protecting rights of gays and lesbians (5); Religious preference (3); Catholic church and homosexuality (14).

American Muslims Poll

Survey firm: Zogby Group International
Survey Sponsor: The Project MAPS: Muslims in American Public Square, Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU), Georgetown University
Dates: November 8-19-December 7-9, 2001
Sample: American Muslims adults
Sample size: 1,781
Variables: 115
Major topics covered:
Voting intention (2); 2000 Presidential Election Vote (2); Political parties (3); Political Activism (8); Most important issues (2); Community activities (10); Image of Islam in education system (1); Muslims involved in American improvement (1); Muslims and politics (3); Muslims and interfaith activities (1); America is immoral (1); Religion in America (1); Why US is targeted for terrorism (1); George W. Bush handling terrorist attacks (2); Patriotism (1); Terrorist attacks (3); Military action in Afghanistan (2); Middle East (7); Opinion of Americans towards Muslims/Arabs (4); Important issues (21); Opinions of congress (1); Muslim religion (14).

2001 Religion and Public Life Survey

Study# USPEW2001-03RELIG
Survey firm: Princeton Survey Research Associates
Survey Sponsor: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
Dates: March 5-18, 2001
Sample: National adult with an oversample of African Americans
Sample size: 2,041
Sample notes: The oversample included 197 African Americans. Faith based questions interview date was March 23-25, 2001 with a sample size of 1220
Variables: 195
Major topics covered:
Satisfaction with country (1); volunteer activity (14); programs and proposals being discussed (8); church involvement in politics (4); views on organizations (16); influence of religion on Americans (1); solving important social problems (10); religious groups and government funds (26); religious affiliation (10); attendance at religious services (3); church activities (9); describing God (1); feelings on the Bible (1); Hollywood portrayal of religions (1); media portrayal of religions (1); religion in the U.S. (6); school and religion (2).

Death Penalty/Persian Gulf War/Religion

Study# USAIPOGNS2001-06
Survey firm: Gallup Organization
Field dates: February 19-21, 2001
Sample size: 1,016
Variables: 75
Major topics covered:
Taxes(2): Bill Clinton (3):pardons (3): death penalty (5):gulf war (2):origin of life (6): phobias (14): pets (10): religion (10): personal understanding (5).

National Survey of Women on Religion

Study# USPSRA1998-97067
Survey firm: Princeton Survey Research Associates
Survey sponsor:The Center for Gender Equality
Dates: June 30-July 22, 1998
Sample: National adult women
Sample size: 1,000
Variables: 142
Major topics covered:
Religious leaders affect country (2); Things said about religious organizations (10); Religion vs. Politics (1); Religious organizations involved in public debate (24); Specific religious organizations (7); What religious groups stand for (7); Attend religious services (4); Pray outside of church (1); Importance of religion (1); Benefits from religious organizations (14); Clergy speak about issues (10); Impact of religion on your life (8); Leadership position in religious organization (1); Made charitable contribution to religious organization (1); Policy proposals in this country (4); Closer to your view of abortion (1); biggest influence (1); Agree with statement (1); Biggest influence about marriage (1); Status of women (1); Should men and women be treated the same (8); Biggest influence in thinking (1).

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