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Attitudes of American Women [1962]

Study# USAIPOSPPOS1962-556
Survey firm: Gallup Organization
Survey Sponsor: Saturday Evening Post
Date: June-July 1962
Sample: Married women ages 60 or less and unmarried women ages 25-60 who were never married
Sample size: 2,313
Sample notes: There are 2 datasets: 1,813 Married women and 500 Unmarried women

Impressions of Advertisements

Study# USRCOM1962-127
Survey firm: The Roper Organization
Dates: May 26, 1962
Sample: Adult residents living in New England, Mid-Atlantic, and the South Atlantic
Sample size: 802
Notes: There are two versions of the questionnaire. Each version is contained in separate data files: Version A N=399 and Version B N=403.
Variables: 378
Major topics covered: Ever read certain magazines (9); number of issues of magazines respondent has read or glanced through out of last eight issues of certain magazines (9); anyone in household does/does not read certain magazines (9); feelings about corporations that sell one billion dollars or more of goods each year (1); companies that have become involved in useful and worthwhile activities that have helped people in the places where they operate (4); American companies operating in foreign countries (4); recognition of certain advertisements (25); sponsors of advertisements (5); what were advertising companies trying to get across (7); reactions to Standard Oil of New Jersey advertisements (10); impression of certain advertising campaigns (7); which ad campaign does best job of getting point across (1); which ad campaign took respondent longest to see what they were getting at (1); any things large companies are doing today that respondent thinks are bad or that may be working against interests of country as a whole (1); any things large companies are doing today that they didn't generally do ten or fifteen years ago that respondent thinks are particularly good (1).

College Culture

Study# USAIPOSPGONEW1970-70117
Survey firm: AIPOSPGO (Gallup Opinion)
Survey sponsor: Newsweek
Dates: November, 1970
Sample: College students
Sample size: 1,061
Major topics covered:
Asked students about their views of society, politics, political figures, economic systems (capitalism, communism, etc.) and the relevance of certain historical events. Asked questions about racism, womens' liberation, the role of higher education in society, views on college administrations, police, parental discipline, church authority, rebelling against the 'establishment,' the 'generation gap,' etc. Asked questions about political protests, personal values/philosophies regarding life, what is most disturbing about America, 'are you proud to be American,' etc. Asked for length of hair. Asked students which public figures they admire the most and least, which organizations (in a list) they liked most and least – including KKK, FBI, SDS, AFL-CIO, CIA, General Motors, Black Panthers, John Birch Society, and others), asked which authors they like the best, and about their preferred reading materials (which magazines, newspapers, etc.) Asked students basic demographic questions (age, gender, etc.) and their year in school, preferred extra-curricular activities, their major, their parents' occupations, parents' educational attainment, and more.

Children & War (1971)

Survey firm: Howard Tolley
Dates: January-March, 1971
Sample: Children in grades three through eight and Teachers
Sample size: 2,761
Notes: Polling was conducted in 14 schools in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. Third and fourth grade children had questions read out loud to them.
Major topics covered: Is the US right in fighting its war in Vietnam, is war sometimes needed, is war exciting or boring, is peace exciting or boring, should the US drop an atom bomb in Vietnam, should the US send more troops to Vietnam, from what source do you get your information about the war in Vietnam (parents, older siblings, friends, teachers, books, radio, TV, etc.), who among your acquaintenances have you heard saying that the US should get out of Vietnam, have you seen Vietnam war combat on TV, do you know anyone who was injured or killed in the war, who is the US trying to help in fighting this war – north or south Vietnam, what weapon is most used in this war (multiple choice), which US president started peace talks, should teachers express their views about Vietnam in class, what is the US's biggest problem, would you want to be in the military, what is your religion, what TV shows do you watch, how many brothers/sisters do you have, does your father or another relative serve in the armed forces, race, grade, gender, and more.

The 1974 Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll

Study# USRSPVASLIMS1974-0547
Field dates: Spring 1974
Survey sponsor: Virginia Slims
Sample: 2,922 Women and 958 Men
Major topics covered:
Women's roles in society, sex discrimination, feminist attitudes, marriage, divorce, the choice to have children, parenthood, issues in raising teenagers, family life, household chores, sex role steretyping, opinions about particular promiment men and women, positive masculine qualities, positive feminine qualities, advantages in being male or being female, sexual ethics, etc.

The 1980 Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll: A Survey of Contemporary Attitudes

Study# USRSPVASLIMS1979-0678
Field dates: October 6-20, 1979
Survey sponsor: Virginia Slims
Sample: 2,960 Women and 984 Men
Major topics covered:
Women's roles in the work force and in the family, sex discrimination, feminism, ideas about what constitutes femininity, what constitutes respectability, sexual equality, marriage, divorce, the choice to have children, parenthood, issues in raising teenagers, family life, household chores, sex role steretyping, opinions about particular promiment men and women, positive masculine qualities, positive feminine qualities, advantages in being male or being female, sexual ethics, etc.

The 1985 Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll

Study # USRSPVASLIMS1985-0543
Field Dates: March 1985
Survey Sponsor: Virginia Slims
Sample: 3,000 Adult Women and 1,000 Adult Men Nationwide
Major topics covered: Status of women(10); discrimination against women(15); women's movement/ERA(4); qualities admired in men/women(2); advantages of being man/woman(6); job outside the home(13); marriage vs. alternatives(15); important aspects of marriage(15); divorce(5); decisions/responsibility in relationships(9); job ratings: man vs. woman(7); feelings about working men/women(9); child care(3); family size(4); leisure time(8); dreaded birthdays/good years for women(9); acceptable actions for a daughter(8); sexual freedom (10); abortion(3).

Roper Reports 87-6

Study# USRPRR1987-06
Field dates: May 16-30, 1987
Sample size: 1,999
Major topics covered:
Reagan job performance(1); government effort toward problems facing the country(10); foreign affairs/close ally/enemy(16); business and society(3); specific company ratings(19); American business: profits, investments, management(8); what it takes to be a good manager(12); foreign car vs. American cars(13); which country makes the best…(12); groups and society(25); what does money mean to you personally?(10); symbols of achievement/status(40); rating of boss/manager(12); information sources for specific situations(9); type of advertising generally liked(10); microwave ovens(12); imported brands vs. domestic brands(12); personal grooming products and looking your best(14).

The 1990 Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll

Study# USRSPVASLIMS1989-943-082
Field dates: July 22-August 12, 1989
Survey sponsor: Virginia Slims
Sample: 3,001 Adult Women and 1,001 Adult Men Nationwide
Major topics covered:
Changing roles of women in society(6); women's movement(3); discrimination(11); women in politics(37); changes in the status of women in society since 1970/over the next 20 years(16); perceived accuracy of descriptions of men and women(13); ideal lifestyle(4); good marriage(13); working women balancing their work, marriage and children(3); single people on dating, marriage and aids(12); AIDS(3); family responsibilities(8); women and top-level business positions(11); women, men and work(50); two track career path system for women(16); childcare(3); satisfaction with life(28); stress(33).

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