Datasets on Education

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Sex Education in America 2003

Study# USPSRA2003-NPR013
Survey firm: Princeton Survey Research Associates International
Survey Sponsor: Kaiser Family Foundation/NPR/Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government
Dates: Sept-Oct 2003
Sample: National adult with an oversample of 1001 parents of children in grades 7th through 12th grade; and 303 Principals of middle, junior or senior high schools
Sample size: 1,759
Variables: 252
Major topics covered:
Problems facing teens today ; unmarried teens who engage in sexual intercourse; sex education as part of school curriculum; different approaches to teaching about sex and sexuality in the schools; agree/disagree that abstinence from sexual activity outside marriage is the expected standard for all school-age children; how respondent defines abstinence; teen pregnancy rate in United States; confidence that sex education programs in child's school teach attitudes and values similar to those respondent teaches at home; have/have not discussed certain sensitive subjects with child; conversations about sensitive topics with child were/were not a result of a topic of a class or program at child's school; abortion; teen pregnancy, STDs, and teen sexual activity in general are bigger/smaller problems/about the same at respondent's school than in other schools across the country; school's policy about sex education; school's approach to sexual orientation; gay student organization/gay-straight alliance at respondent's school; abstinence pledges; school's health program does/does not currently make condoms available to students who ask for them; more.

Attitudes Toward the Public Schools Survey

Survey Sponsor: Phi Delta Kappa
Survey firm: Gallup Organization
Date: May 23-June 6, 2001
Sample: National adult with an oversample of parents
Sample size: 1,108
Variables: 84
Major topics covered: Biggest public school problem (3); grading public schools (3); improving public Education (14); School Choice/vouchers (3); Charter Schools (3); Home Schooling (3); internet Courses (2); School Quality & Expenditures (2); Higher Learning levels (3); Student testing (13); Black vs. White academic achievement (6); Privatization (4); Gun Control (3)

College Culture

Study# USAIPOSPGONEW1970-70117
Survey firm: AIPOSPGO (Gallup Opinion)
Survey sponsor: Newsweek
Dates: November, 1970
Sample: College students
Sample size: 1,061
Major topics covered:
Asked students about their views of society, politics, political figures, economic systems (capitalism, communism, etc.) and the relevance of certain historical events. Asked questions about racism, womens' liberation, the role of higher education in society, views on college administrations, police, parental discipline, church authority, rebelling against the 'establishment,' the 'generation gap,' etc. Asked questions about political protests, personal values/philosophies regarding life, what is most disturbing about America, 'are you proud to be American,' etc. Asked for length of hair. Asked students which public figures they admire the most and least, which organizations (in a list) they liked most and least – including KKK, FBI, SDS, AFL-CIO, CIA, General Motors, Black Panthers, John Birch Society, and others), asked which authors they like the best, and about their preferred reading materials (which magazines, newspapers, etc.) Asked students basic demographic questions (age, gender, etc.) and their year in school, preferred extra-curricular activities, their major, their parents' occupations, parents' educational attainment, and more.

Missouri DESE Demographic Data Access Application
This is a web application you can use to generate your own custom comma delimited or SAS-format datasets containing social, population and housing census data by school district.

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