Evaluate Web Resources: A Checklist

  • Is there an author?  Is the page signed?
  • Is the author qualified?  What are the author’s credentials?
  • Who is the sponsor?  Is the sponsor reputable?
  • Can the author or sponsor be contacted (links) for verification?
  • Is it possible to determine the producers of the page?  Is the source or domain name easily identifiable?
  • Is the content accurate?  Are sources of factual information listed?
  • Is the content reliable and error-free?
  • Is there an editor who verifies/checks the information?
  • Is the page dated? What is the publication or copyright date?
  • When was the page last revised or updated?
  • Are the links current?
  • Is the content complete and accurate?  Are its contents unique?
  • How comprehensive, in-depth, and original is the material?
  • Is it scholarly, popular, or sensational information?
  • What’s its relative value compared to other information sources?
  • How reliable are the links?  Are the links relevant for the site?
  • If there is a print equivalent, is there accidental or deliberate alteration?
  • Does the text follow basic rules of grammar, spelling, and literary composition?
Objectivity/Point of View
  • Does the page represent one point of view or several?  Any bias?
  • Is the page designed to sway opinion?
Purpose and audience
  • Who is the page geared to?
  • Is the purpose clearly stated?  Is it to inform, explain, persuade, etc.?
  • Is the information easy to access, read, and navigate?
  • Is it a clear, organized visual presentation of information?
  • Can you navigate within and among documents?
  • Do the graphics or icons serve a function?