OCLC/FirstSearch Databases



Allowed Use

Subscriber and/or Authorized Users may view screen displays of data accessed via the FirstSearch service, and may make one (1) copy per screen display of any portions of such data for that person’s internal or personal, noncataloging and noncommercial purposes.  In addition, such copies of limited portions of such data may be transferred or sold as an incidental part of the attorney-client, consultant-client or similar relationship, or used for identifying materials to be ordered via interlibrary loan, where the principal purpose is not the distribution of data.  Screen displays of such data may be electronically downloaded and temporarily stored in machine-readable form by the person so viewing the data solely as required for that person’s use and/or copying of the data as permitted under this Section 2; provided that such machine-readable copies of the data shall be erased after such temporary use and/or copying and shall not be transferred to, shared with or accessed by any other person.

Prohibited Use

Subscriber and Authorized Users acquire no ownership rights to any data or portions thereof provided in any form by the FirstSearch service. No part of any data provided in any form by the FirstSearch service may be disclosed, reproduced, transferred or transmitted in any form without the prior written consent of OCLC except as expressly permitted hereunder. Use of the FirstSearch service for cataloging purposes is expressly prohibited.  Subscriber may not resell or otherwise transfer the FirstSearch service. Authorizations and passwords will be restricted to accessing that data available via the FirstSearch service for which Subscriber has a currently paid-up subscription or for which Subscriber has prepaid per-search fees. Subscriber shall not omit, obscure or hide from any Authorized User any notice of a limitation of warranty, disclaimer, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, usage limitation or any logo, splash screen or any other terms and/or conditions intended to be displayed to an Authorized User of the FirstSearch service by OCLC or any database supplier thereto.

Authorized Users

…Academic Library Subscribers are limited by geographic site and Authorized Users. … Authorized Users at academic institutions are limited to currently enrolled students of the licensed campus, current faculty and staff who are primarily affiliated with the licensed campus and authorized on-site patrons of Subscriber’s library. 

Proxy Server

… Remote access is permitted by currently enrolled students of the licensed campus and current faculty and staff who are primarily affiliated with the licensed campus.


Databases available by means of the FirstSearch service and the FirstSearch service itself are subject to OCLC and/or third-party claims of copyright and other rights.

Subscription Date

July 1-June 30