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Statistical Data Archive for Missouri
Provides state and county-level statistics on population, health, education, income, employment, prices, transportation, finance, energy, agriculture, natural resources, communications, media, and public sector revenue collections and expenditures. Historical data is also included.

American Community Survey
Run by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the American Community Survey has the most current demographic, social and economic data available. New data comes out annually. For statewide figures, consider checking the ACS before looking to the 2000 decennial census. Some county and city figures are now available, as well.

2000 Census - Menu system
Very easy to use; provides most often-requested statistics. Data available by county, town, census tract, block group, zip code, school district, legislative district, etc.

American Factfinder
The US Census' premier entry point for all 2000 Census data. A little more time-consuming to use, but provides more data than the menu system above.

1990 Census - Selected data, Missouri Census Data Center
Provides selected data by county, town, census tract, block group, zip code, school district, legislative district, etc.

< strong>1990-2000 Census Trends

1980-1990 Census Trends

Population, income, business, housing, education, etc. statistics for Missouri counties, selected cities, and for the state as a whole.

OSEDA (Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis)
Provides up-to-date social, economic, agricultural, health, and demographic information on Missouri localities. Some historical statistics back to 1900 are also posted. Try the MOSTATS statistics generator the County Fact Sheets and the Socio-Economic Indicator Resource.

Missouri County Summary of Social and Economic Indicators. Data by county, includes data on population, housing, employment, income, education and health.

USA Counties
County and statewide data for a wide variety of topics. Files include data published for 2006 estimates and many items from the 2000 Census of Population and Housing, the 1990 census, the 1980 census and the 2002, 1997, 1992, 1987, 1982 and 1977 economic censuses.

Vital Statistics
Includes birth, death, fertility, abortion, marriage and divorce statistics. Older data (1973-2002) available in print form.

Kids Count Census Data Online
Great source for social and demographic data on children in small or large geographic areas.

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