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Official Manual of the State of Missouri

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Also known as the "Blue Book," this biennial source contains descriptions of state agencies, biographies of state officials and legislators, lists of county officials and of state employees.  Annual pay for every state employee is listed. The Blue Book also shows election returns, some census statistics, and information on political parties. The most current edition is on the web.   The library's collection of paper editions dates to the late 1880s.

Note: A bibliography of blue books for other states is provided in Chapter 2 of the book State Government Reference Publications: An Annotated Bibliography by David W. Parish (c1981).


Missouri State Financial Reports

State Budget Full text Printed edition in libary
  State Tax Expenditure Report Full text Printed edition in library
  Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Full text  Printed edition in library 
  Appropriations See "Appropriations" in Session Laws


Laws and Regulations, etc.

The Missouri Revised Statutes show laws passed by the Missouri legislature, currently in effect. If you wish to see a law the way it looked when it was originally passed (that is, unchanged by later amendments), use Session Laws volumes instead. If you are unable to find your topic discussed in these sources, you may be dealing with an area covered by state regulations instead. If that is the case, check the Missouri Code of State Regulations. Finally, some guidelines are set by the state Constitution (see below.)


Missouri Constitution

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Missouri has operated under four successive constitutions enacted in 1820, 1865, 1875 and 1945.  The document is continually revised through amendments.  Find past versions printed in editions of the Missouri Revised Statutes.



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