Interview with Rajmohan Gandhi

MU Libraries presents: An Interview with Rajmohan Gandhi “The India-Pakistan Conflict and The Path to Stability” April 12, 2013  at 11:00 a.m., light refreshments at 10:30 a.m. Stotler Lounge, Memorial Union Dr. Charles Davis from the Missouri School of Journalism will hold a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi, biographer and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and former President of Initiatives of Change.  Their conversation will touch on the endless quest for world peace, Gandhi’s work in the Indian-Pakistani realm, and why the simmering conflict matters to all citizens of the world. Gandhi has written widely on the Indian independence movement and its leaders, Indo- Pakistan relations, human rights and conflict resolution. His recent book, A Tale of Two Revolts: India’s Mutiny and the American Civil War, demonstrates the commonality shared by two countries on opposites sides of the globe struggling for freedom in the nineteenth century. Friday evening Dr. Gandhi will also speak at the Library Society Dinner in Ellis Library. For details on the Society dinner, please contact Sheila Voss at
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