Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms are closed until further notice.

Ellis Library

First Floor (Information Commons)
All rooms are wireless and have dataports/power. Most have whiteboards. Check out dry-erase markers and portable projectors at Ellis Library Circulation.  Rooms 151-A, 151-B, 151-C and 151-D are not fully enclosed (i.e. there is no door and one wall is partially open).

151-A (4 seats)
151-B (4 seats)
151-C (6 seats)
151-D (4 seats)
151-E (6 seats), Jefferson Club Linda L'Hote Room
151-F (10 seats), William & Jean Stauffer Room
151-G (12 seats), Thomas & Nell Lafferre Room

Second Floor East
Dry erase board, electrical outlets and intermittent wireless access. No data ports. Check out dry-erase markers and portable projectors at Ellis Library Circulation  from Ellis Library Circulation.

2E21 (10 seats)

Third Floor East
All have electrical outlets, and intermittent wireless access.  NONE have data ports.  All have chalk boards.  Bring your own chalk.  All have whiteboards. Check out dry erase markers and erasers and portable projectors at Ellis Library Circulation.

3D61 (15 seats)
3G61 (8 seats)
3G62 (15 seats)

Additional places to study in Ellis Library that do not require reservations


Engineering Library

All rooms are wireless with whiteboards. Data ports are in all rooms with the exception of W2001 F & G.  Dry-erase markers are available for checkout at the circulation desk. All four rooms have 55-inch flat panel displays on the wall with laptop HDMI hookups. Check out portable projectors and laptops at Engineering Library Circulation.

W2001-E (8 seats) Flat Panel Display – Solidworks on desktop
W2001-F (4 seats) Flat Panel Display
W2001-G (6 seats) Flat Panel Display
W2001-H (8-10 seats) Flat Panel Display


Health Sciences Library


Journalism Library

For questions about group study room policy at the Journalism Library, please contact the public service desk  (882-7502) or email:

All are wireless with power outlets and whiteboard. Dry-erase markers and erasers are in the rooms. Both study rooms have 52 inch plasma screens with computer adapters and a data port. 102a RJI has a projector and a data port.

RJI 011 (6 seats)
RJI 013 (6 seats)


Group Study Room Policies for Ellis Library and the Engineering Library

  • Rooms are for MU STUDENT use only.  Faculty can reserve a seminar room for a semester course.
  • Groups (two or more people) have priority over single users.  One person may be asked to move if a group needs to use the room.
  • Give your group a label that group members will recognize.  The site is public, so please do not use your own name.
  • One (1) reservation limit per group at one time for a maximum of two (2) hours.
  • Quiet talking and cell phone usage are permitted.
  • Beverages in library-approved containers only (examples: screw top bottles both plastic and glass, travel coffee mugs and water bottles).  No food.
  • Groups arriving later than ten minutes lose their reservations, and the room reverts to first-come, first serve usage.
  • Unattended belongings may be removed after 20 minutes.