Application for an Ellis Library Exhibit

Exhibit Information

  • Before filling out this form, please refer to the Exhibits Committee website for contact information, exhibit information, and policies. It would be best if your group previews the photos of cases and available materials to explore the limitations of what can be displayed in each case.


Contact Information


Exhibit Policies

    1. conform to the description supplied to the MU Libraries Exhibits Committee on the application. 
    2. conform to the regulations set forth in the ELLIS LIBRARY EXHIBITS POLICY with special attention to the following sections:
      1. Requests for exhibit space shall be submitted to the chair of the Exhibits Committee. However, the committee is not obligated to accept ideas or materials for exhibit.
      2. Exhibits originating from within the Libraries have first priority. Exhibits of merit from other groups may be accepted as space is available.
      3. Exhibits should not advocate the personal point of view of the exhibitor. Topics for exhibits may include controversial issues only if such issues are presented from a neutral or non-partisan point of view.
      4. The Exhibits Committee reserves the right to review each exhibit and to require necessary changes in keeping with this policy as well as to modify schedules for durations of exhibits, if necessary.
      5. The duration of each exhibit in the Ellis Library Colonnade display cases will be 4 - 8 weeks unless previous arrangements have been made. 
      6. The MU Libraries are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged materials while they are displayed or stored in the libraries.  The MU Libraries are not liable for damages occurring to items on exhibit or support materials (labels, pedestals, etc.) while in the library building.
      7. Exhibitors must indicate that they accept the MU Libraries' exhibit policies and release the MU Libraries from liability for exhibited materials.
      8. The exhibitor is responsible for mounting and dismantling the exhibit, with assistance from members of the Exhibits Committee as needed.