Students Guide to Printing


Location of printers in Ellis Library Students have several choices for printing:
  1. Printing will be deducted from your student print quota through the PrintSmart program. Details about the quota are available at:
  2. If you are working for a department, printing related to your job responsibilities may be charged to your department through the PrintSmart program with the use of a MOCODE. The MOCODE authorization must be obtained from your department’s fiscal officer. Information on how to set up the MOCODE can be found at: MOCODE can be used at any of the MU Libraries and computing facilities on campus.
    • Once a MOCODE has been assigned, follow these steps to utilize it.
    • Select Print in the active program.
    • Choose the printer in the dialog box.
    • Login with Username/MoCode (example: DoeJ/C1111).
    • Enter password.
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK to accept charges.
  3. Printing is charged to your department or paid in cash or check (with receipts available) at the Ellis Library Circulation Desk.
  4. The Circulation Desk has 1 black and white print stations available. Black and white printouts cost $0.05 per page.
For more information on the PrintSmart system, please see the DoIT PrintSmart information page. If you encounter printing problems when no staff are available at the Reference Desk to assist you, please call the Division of Information Technology Help Desk at 882-5000.