Ellis Library LapTop FAQs

Q: What is the loan period? Can the laptop be renewed when the time is up?
A: The loan period is two hours. The laptop can be checked out again after one hour’s time has elapsed from the time of the first check in.

Q: Can the laptop leave the building?
A: No.

Q: What happens if a person drops one and breaks it?
A: It depends. If the machine is under warranty, there will be no fine charged. There may be a fine charged if the laptop cannot be repaired “in house” and is no longer under warranty.

Q: What happens if a person does not return a laptop on time?
A: The person is charged $2.00 an hour for every hour it is overdue.

Q: What happens if a person checks out a laptop and loses it?
A: The person would be asked to pay the replacement cost of $2500.00.

Q: Where do I pick up printouts?
A: The laptops have “Print Anywhere”, a wireless version of “Print Smart”, thus enabling one to use any university printer.