The 2014 Holiday Party was held on December 19th from 3:00 – 6:00 in the Ellis Library Reading Room. Guests from the MU Libraries and Jesse Hall brought dishes to share, and MULSA provided drinks. Tables were decorated by miniature trees, contributed by various departments. (Photos courtesy of Rachel Brekhus.)

IMG_20141219_161939195 IMG_20141219_162006544 IMG_20141219_162023694_HDR IMG_20141219_162043860 IMG_20141219_162108737 IMG_20141219_162124071 IMG_20141219_162246834 IMG_20141219_162313902 IMG_20141219_162325796_HDR IMG_20141219_162342273 IMG_20141219_162154239 IMG_20141219_162201720 IMG_20141219_162219028_HDR IMG_20141219_162232674 IMG_20141219_162303566 IMG_20141219_162036936

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