Spotlight Award Winners

The Spotlight Award is an award given to individual staff members of the MU Libraries based on a random pick. Since every staff person who works for the MU Libraries is a valued member, it hard to just pick a few people to give an award to for the work they do. This award is designed to spotlight individuals, who wished to be spotlighted, and let them tell a little bit about themselves so that all of MU Libraries will know a little more about them. Each winner receives the following:

  • $15 Gift Card of their choice (movie, restaurant, grocer)
  • Small snack item (up to $5 in value)
  • Inspirational Balloon
  • Framed Certificate of Achievement signed by the MULSA President and the Director of Libraries

Winners for 2009:

January – Nina Johnson and Ruth Feldkamp

February – Adam Banning and Catherine Menzel

March – L. Hunter Kevil Karen Witt

April – Kate Anderson and Ryan Bish

May – Amy Lana and Steve Clayton

June – Rebecca Graves and Mathew Stephen

July – Colleen Smith and Daniel Akins

August – Michael Holland

September – Yasuyo Knoll and Michael Hopkins

October – Shannon Cary and Jee Davis

November – Renee Ratna and Charlotte Mustain

December – Wayne Sanders and Ryan McAllister

Winners for 2010:

January – Gena Scott and Kris Anstine

February – Sheena Waggoner and Pearl Newbough

March – Debbie Melvin and Alan Jones

April – Julie Rogers and Ellen Blair

May – Mary Hainen and Trenton Boyd

June – Ruthe Morse and Katherine Keohn

July – Shelley Worden and Suzanne Lippard

August – Karen Katherine Marshall and PT Martin

September – Mat Miller and Laura Buck

October – Mary Claire Amann and Karla Geerlings

November – Sharon Gaughan

December – Mark William Ellis

Winners for 2011:

February – Wayne Barnes

March – Jackie Blonigen and Mary Aycock

April – Billi D. Heater and Kelli Hansen

June – Sheila Voss

August – Matthew Garrett Stottle

September – Rebecca Schedler

November – June LaFollette DeWeese and Diane Johnson

December – Paula LaJean Roper

Winners for 2012:

January – Ann Campion Riley

February – Michelle Patrice Baggett

March – Frances Rose Rouse

April – Judy Siebert Maseles

May – Dustin Hoffman

June – Jack Alan Batterson

July – Stara Herron

August – Ashley Nelson

September – Michaelle Dorsey

October – Carol Turner

November – Dorothy Carner

December – James Keyzer-Andre

Winners for 2013:

January – Duane Bittle

February – Sara Bryant

March – Stephen Stanton & Caroline James

April – Karen Eubanks

May – Bette Stuart

July – Anne Barker

August – Shelly McDavid

October – Jeannette Pierce

For more information about each of the winners, look for them on the MULSA MUSE Blog under the category "Staff Spotlight".