MULSA Photo Albums

2014 Holiday Party

2014 Thanksgiving Luncheon

2014 Annual Diversity Event

2014 Halloween Party

2014 MULSA Picnic

2011 Adopted Families Gift Giving

2010 Annual Picnic

2010 International Tea and Snack Party

2009 Holiday Giving

2009 Halloween Party

2008 Winter Party

2008 Halloween Party

2008 New Staff Tea Party

2007 Winter Party

2007 Thanksgiving Dinner

2007 Halloween Party

2007 MULSA Annual Picnic – Stephen’s Park, June

2007 MULSA Annual Meeting Ellis Staff Lounge, May

2006 Thanksgiving Dinner in Staff Lounge, November

2006 Halloween Party

2006 MULSA Annual Picnic – Stephen’s Park, June

2006 MULSA Annual New Staff Mad Hatter Tea Party, August

2005 Halloween Party

2003 Gifts for the Adopt-A-Family, December 15

2002 Valentine’s Day Wedding at Ellis Library

2001 Annual Picnic

2001 Valentine’s Day Party

1999 Christmas Party

1999 Annual Picnic

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