Adopted Families


The Adopt-a-family program is coordinated by the Voluntary Action Center to match needy families with sponsors who can give. Unlike similar projects, no proof of poverty is required, only the willingness to sign up in person along with everyone else in the program.

The VAC began the Adopt-a-family program in 1985 and MULSA was there. It was my first Christmas at the MU Libraries and I can’t say I remember many details. I made a candy cane horse head for each family member. As I was isolated in SPEC at the time, I only saw the haul once as I slipped my small package in but it was impressive.
Oleta Edwards spearheaded our efforts in 1985 and continued to coordinate these collections until her retirement. In the late 90’s, Oleta asked me to help her and to be the point person after her.




This year we are sponsoring a family of six children and two adults.  Makayla (10), Jacarie (10), Bresha (13), Jakalah (14), Brian (15), Déante (16), Vodica (36) and Johnny (38). See the Adopted Families List for specific requests.  Our delivery date is December 17th, which means we need your donations here by Dec. 13th(we don’t have to wrap the gifts this year which gives us a couple more days).

The VAC discourages the adults in a family from asking for personal items, so there’s nothing next to their names expect a gift card. Also this year you can sign up to give cash donations to just Adopt-a-Family.