Pictures from the July 17, 2014 MU Libraries’ Diversity Action Committee and the MU Library Staff Association's (MULSA) Meet-and-Greet Diversity Event with members of Cashiers and Enrollment Management temporarily located in Ellis Library due to the Renew Mizzou project.

IMG_20140717_154225189 IMG_20140717_151809885 IMG_20140717_151757071_HDR IMG_20140717_140415945  IMG_20140717_140138205 IMG_20140717_140127098 IMG_20140717_140111183 IMG_20140717_140104233 IMG_20140717_140058177 IMG_20140717_140052418 IMG_20140717_140045706 IMG_20140717_140018475 IMG_20140717_140005097 IMG_20140717_140030725 IMG_20140717_135958263 IMG_20140717_140250559

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