MULSA’s Annual Halloween Party was held in the Ellis Staff Lounge on Friday, October 31. The lounge was decked out with spiders, ghosts, and pumpkins. Several contests were held: trivia, mini pumpkin decorating, and costumes. Treats included “liquid potion” (green punch), “bloody stumps” (cocktail sausages), brownies, pumpkin muffins, and an assortment of cookies.
Yeild to Construction Baby Bump Velma from Scooby Doo Undercover Security The Librarian Strike a pose   Mrs. Potts Miz Information Mad Planter Lady in Pink Judge Judy Hocus PocusPumpkins Contest02 Pumpkins Contest01 Halloween Spider Halloween Party2014  Halloween Par Treats Halloween Par 2014 Halloween Party Gypsy Fortune Teller Green Peapod Golden Snitch from Harry Potter Finding Waldo Charlie Chaplin

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