Angus & Betty McDougall Photojournalism Collection

Angus & Betty McDougall Photojournalism Collection Angus & Betty McDougall Photojournalism Collection Mp>

Angus and Betty McDougall were life partners for 70 years. He relied on her to be his best critic and advisor and their devotion to each other was inspirational. Their gift of their entire library includes predictable professional aspects of their lives like photo books but also high school yearbooks and cookbooks. This is a rare opportunity to explore the interests and values of Mac and Betty through the books they valued and kept in their home.

Mac and Betty grew up in Waukesha, WI, knew each other in grade school and became high school sweethearts. They fell in love and were together from that point on — through college, Mac’s professional education in photography (which his father thought was “crazy” and Betty whole heartedly supported), throughout his career at the Milwaukee Journal, International Harvester, and the University, and the remainder of Betty’s life. Betty assisted him on photo feature stories, holding lights, and breaking down barriers with new subjects.

Mac is the author, with Gerald Hurley, of Visual Impact in Print, still considered the premier photo editing text, some 40 years after its publication. Mac also authored three other books, Picture Editing and Layout: a guide to visual communication, A Photo Journal, and Pacesetters in Corporate Journalism.

< With an estate gift Mac and Betty established an endowment and the creation of the Angus and Betty McDougall Center for Photojournalism Studies, housed in Lee Hills Hall. The Center’s purpose is to preserve for archival, research and educational use collections of photographs by newspaper, magazine and documentary photographers. It is located in Lee Hills Hall, where the McDougall Gallery is also located.

To view titles in the collection go here: McDougall Photojournalism Collection (University of Missouri–Columbia. Libraries)