Group Study


EL&TC Online Reservation System

  • W2001-E ( 8 seats) – Plasma TV; desktop
  • W2001-F ( 4 seats) 
  • W2001-G ( 6 seats)
  • W2001-H (10 seats) – Plasma TV; desktop


  • All four W2001 rooms have white boards; dry-erase markers and erasers are kept at the Circulation Desk.
  • Two projectors are available for checkout from the Circulation Desk.

Study Room Policies:

  1. Groups (two or more people) only please. Do not reserve a room if only one person will be using it.
  2. One (1) reservation limit per group at one time for two (2) hours for all ELTC study rooms/tables.
  3. QUIET talking is permitted in rooms with doors.
  4. Cell phone usage is permitted in W2001 rooms only
  5. Beverages in library-approved containers only. NO messy FOOD. BE CAREFUL!
  6. Unattended belongings may be removed after 20 minutes.
  7. Groups arriving later than ten minutes lose their reservations, and the room/table reverts to first-come, first served usage.
  8. The four rooms are for STUDENT (not faculty or staff) group usage only. Contact Michelle at or phone at 882-1670.