KIC scanner

KIC (Knowledge Imaging Center) Scanner

  • Step-by-step directions are provided on the scanner.
  • Scanned materials in file 18MB or smaller can be emailed.  Files can also be downloaded to a thumb drive. Thumb drives are available for purchase in the vending machine near the north entrance of Ellis. There is no attached printer.
  • Scans can be made in black and white, grey scale and in color.
  • Book pages can be scanned flat or in a V-mode which will put less strain on the spine.
  • Documents can be saved in several formats (such as jpg, png, and pdf).
  • Optical Character Recognition can be performed, which can result in a searchable pdf or even an audio file of the text (install Microsoft Anna text to speech).
  • Ask for assistance in using the scanner at the Circulation Desk.