Group Study Rooms

Study Rooms Available for Reservation

Ellis Library

Study Room Policies for Ellis Library

  • To encourage safe use of our spaces, all reservable spaces will be for single person use only. Students should plan to bring their own supplies to wipe down the space with disinfecting wipes before using furnishing and equipment.
  • Face coverings are required at all times.
  • Study room doors must remain open.
  • Rooms are for MU STUDENT use only.
  • The reservation site is public, please do not use your full name for reservations.
  • Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of two hours.
  • Quiet talking and cell phone usage are permitted. Rooms may be used for taking an online class.
  • Beverages in covered containers only. No food is permitted.
  • Individuals arriving later than ten minutes forfeit their reservation, and the room reverts to first-come, first serve usage.
  • Unattended belongings may be removed after 20 minutes.

Study rooms will be single occupancy only. Library patrons must use masks in study rooms and keep doors open for proper ventilation. You can reserve a study room through the online reservation system. We encourage study groups to meet on Zoom or other online platforms. If you need a space to do in-person group work, you many use rooms 114 and 114A. The furniture is set up for groups to work while maintaining proper distances.

See also: additional places to study in Ellis Library that do not require reservations and Tools Available for Remote Group Study

Study Rooms in Ellis

All rooms are wireless and have electrical outlets. Most have whiteboards and a large display screens with computer adapters. Check out dry-erase markers and portable projectors at at Ellis Library Circulation

First Floor (Information Commons)

151-A (4 seat) (no doors)
151-B (4 seat) (no doors)
151-C (6 seats) (no doors)
151-D (4 seat) (no doors)
151-E (4 seat) Jefferson Club Linda L’Hote Room
151-F (6 seats) William & Jean Stauffer Room
151-G (6 seats) Thomas & Nell Lafferre Room

Second Floor East

2D62 (1 seat)
2E21 (10 seat)
2F11 (1 seat)
2F12 (1 seat)
2F21 (1 seat)
2F22 (1 seat)
2G51 (1 seat)
2G52 (1 seat)
2G53 (1 seat)

Third Floor East

3D61 (12 seats)
3D62 (1 seat)
3D63 (1 seat)
3E61 (1 seat)
3E62 (1 seat)
3F11 (1 seat)
3F12 (1 seat)
3F21 (1 seat)
3F22 (1 seat)
3F61 (1 seat)
3F62 (1 seat)
3F63 (1 seat)
3F64 (1 seat)
3F65 (1 seat)
3G61 (12 seats)
3G62 (12 seats)

Fourth Floor East

4A51 (restricted to Classics Dept)
4B12 (20 seat)


Engineering Library

The Engineering Library & Technology Commons has four study rooms that can be reserved by Mizzou community members. Each room has a plasma screen monitor with HDMI ports and a whiteboard (eraser and whiteboard marker sets are available for checkout

W2001-E (12 seats) Flat Panel Display – Solidworks on desktop
W2001-F (6 seats) Flat Panel Display
W2001-G (8 seats) Flat Panel Display
W2001-H (10 seats) Flat Panel Display

Health Sciences Library


Journalism Library

For questions about group study room policy at the Journalism Library, please contact the public service desk  (882-7502) or email:

All are wireless with power outlets and whiteboard. Dry-erase markers and erasers are in the rooms. Both study rooms have 52 inch plasma screens with computer adapters and a data port. 102a RJI has a projector and a data port.

RJI 011 (6 seats)
RJI 013 (6 seats)