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Search Committee Rosters

Here are the search committees rosters for the six search committees that were launched this year:

Community Engagement Librarian
Chair, Deb Ward
Shannon Cary
Paula Roper
Jenny Thompson
Rae Thudium
Sheila Voss

Systems Librarian

Chair, Steven Pryor
Stephanie Chinn, MS&T
Jaleh Fazelian, UMSL
Buddy Pennington, UMKC
Ernest Shaw

AUL for Acquisitions, Collections and Technical Services

Chair, Deb Ward
Kathy Peters
Jeannette Pierce
Chris Pryor
Jennifer Walker

Chair, Seth Huber
Amanda Sprochi
Jennifer Walker
Ashley Granger

Electronic Resources Librarian(Completed)
Chair, Rhonda Whithaus
Abbie Brown
Noel Kopriva
Kimberly Moeller
David Walsh
Rhonda Whithaus, chair

Three Research & Instruction Librarians
Co-chairs, Janice Dysart and Anne Barker
John Henry Adams
Rachel Alexander
Sandy Schiefer
Ying Hu